Denominazione di Origine Controllata

VINE VARIETY: BRACHETTO 100% clone Migliardi
Our true passion for the aromatic grape varieties of South Piedmont motivated us to purchase a second wine company in the home of the Brachetto Doc located in Bistagno. This area is quite unique with a perfect pedoclimate facilitating the development of the Brachetto grape and achieving great results.

Altitude: 290 metres above sea level
South-West facing slope with a 22% incline
Pruning System: Low Guyot
Average yield hectare/hl.38

After harvest the Brachetto grapes, which are now sweet and ripe, are separated from their stalks and transferred to the pneumatic press in preparation for Cryo-maceration. Cryo-maceration extracts and fixes both colour and aromatic substances. After this preliminary stage of approximately 5 or 6 hours, the grapes are soft pressed.
They are then filtered and transferred to a refrigerated store at 0°C in order to stop fermentation activity. After this point the product is kept in steel tanks; which retain the carbon dioxide and heat the product, which remains completely sugary, to 15°C. The purpose of this procedure is to promote the fermentation process which will reach 6% vol. of alcohol.
The product is then cooled to a temperature of 0°C in order to stop further fermentation. Only once this process is complete can the product be finally called Piemonte Brachetto.

Intense purple and ruby red, with typical aromas of wild rose and strawberry. Floral and musky notes - with light nuances of forest fruits. Sweet, aromatic and balanced in the mouth, with an enjoyable savoury finish with balmy echoes. A unique perception at the nose of “nutmeg”

Serve it cool at 8°- 10°C in crystal glasses with desserts, confectionery, fruit cakes, fruit salads or simply as an aperitif.

Effective alcoholic content 6,0 % vol.
Potential alcoholic content 8,5 % vol.
Total alcoholic content 14,5 % vol.

6 bottles 75 cl. per case
12 bottles 75 cl. per case

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