Quality Sparkling Wine - Traditional Method - Millesimè

VINE VARIETY: PINOT NOIR 100% fermentation in tank

Altitude: 410 metres above sea level
East facing slope with a 17% incline
Pruning System: Low Guyot
Average yield in hectolitres: 45 HL. per hectare

Before anything else we perform a first thinning and selection in the vineyard. The harvest takes place towards the beginning of September when the grape is ripe. The fruit is carefully inspected and graded to ensure the product remains true to its extraordinary personality.
When the grape reaches the cellar, it is soaked for around 15 to 18 hours at a temperature of 9-10 degrees. This is followed by a soft pressing which favours the extraction of the must, demonstrating a characteristic and pleasant pink colour. The first alcoholic fermentation begins and then the wine is separated from its solid parts and left to mature for approximately 5 or 6 months in steel tanks.
In March of the following year, the wine base is then bottled, yeast and sugar is added and re-fermentation takes place in the bottle. The maturation on the yeasts continues for about 30 months. After this, the procedures of “remuage” and “degorgement” prepare the wine for drinking.

Fine and intense effervescence and a lively pink colour. The aroma of this wine is complex with suggestions of fruit, flowers, strawberry, raspberry and aromatic sensations.

Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with Parma Ham, delicate hors d’oeuvres, crustaceans and white meat. Excellent with toast and foie-gras.

Effective alcoholic content 13,5% vol.
Total acidity 6,0 gr/l
This sparkling wine at 20°C has 5,0 bar

6 bottles 75 cl. per case

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