The Galliano family has a long history with their roots established in Loazzolo over five generations.

The birth of Giovanni in 1790, forefather of the Galliano family, is recorded in an ecclesiastical register.

Domenico Galliano was born in 1825 and, as his father before him, he moved with his family to Loazzolo.

In 1850 Giovanni Galliano, Chief of the Carabinieri, together with his wife Enrica decided to buy some land in the Loazzolo Municipality.

Giovanni and Enrica lived through terrible hardship. At that time most of the population of Loazzolo lived in poverty. Life was hard particularly for those who lived up in the hills where they struggled each day simply to exist and laboured constantly against deprivation.

Giovanni was a tough character with a strong will. He travelled widely and knew the world, thereby broadening his outlook. On his return home, thanks to his worldly experiences and entrepreneurial attitude, he strongly believed in the cultivation of vineyards. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he bought four farms in the area close to the River Bormida.

The First World War was close and the years that followed, were extremely harrowing, as described so bitterly in the works of the great poet Cesare Pavese. This era tested the small village of Loazzolo and the Galliano family.

Tragically, Giovanni lost his son Carlo. However Carol’s wife, Teresa, a descendent of the Grea family and very determined and tenacious people, refused to surrender.

In the fifties Teresa opened a restaurant in Loazzolo which she ran while also raising her two young children.

Once a teenager, her son Giuseppe helped his mother to run the restaurant and it quickly became one of the most important places in the Bormida Valley.

Giuseppe and Germana continued this demanding yet extremely rewarding job for many years.

The village, surrounded by woods and vineyards, has always been a tourist attraction for those who enjoy the peace of the countryside and the pleasure of eating well.

Carlo, Giuseppe’s son, studied Oenology (the study of viniculture) in Alba, and, in 1990, he earned his high school diploma in Oenology. He immediately started with the vinification of the most important vine of this area, the Moscato grape.

At the beginning of nineties, he decided to cultivate also Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in order to produce his first Spumante Metodo Classico. He took on this new challenge with a passion and work ethic that has been the hallmark of the Galliano family for generations.

Today Borgo Maragliano is a family estate, which means that all the family is involved in the success and work of the winery. Giuseppe takes care of the vineyards, while Carlo is our oenologist and works mainly in the vinification department. Carlo and Sylvia, with the invaluable support of Giuseppe and Germana, manage 21 hectares of vineyards, whose produce is vinificated and bottled in our cellars in Loazzolo.

With an eye to the future, Carlo and Sylvia’s three young children, Giovanni, Francesco and Federico provide strong incentive for constant improvement.

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