The region is typified by its marl and calcareous soil.

Borgo Maragliano has around 21 hectares (ha) of vineyards, of which 11 ha are planted with Moscato grapes, 8 ha with Chardonnay and 2 ha with Pinot Noir.

We have recently acquired a new vineyard close to Bistagno (in the Brachetto d’Acqui area), for the production of a distinctive red, fizzy and sweet grape, the Piemonte Brachetto.

The wind, known as the Marin, coming from the sea, together with erosion caused by atmospheric agents, gives Loazzolo a unique microclimate, perfectly suited to the cultivation of the grapes on high hills.

The real and undisputed protagonist in this valley is the forest. It is due to the great abundance of wildlife and plant life, that there is a good level of oxygen and the right balance necessary to preserve environmental stability. The forest thereby encourages and makes natural grape growing possible.

However, even with such favourable conditions the personal wine maker’s interpretation and expertise is still necessary to achieve a rich and excellent harvest.

The celebrated vineyards of our estate are a true testimony to this belief.


LA CALIERA - Moscato vineyards - South Western exposure 450 metres above sea level (masl)
CREVOGLIO - Chardonnay - Pinot Noir and Moscato vineyards  - Eastern exposure 400 masl
PIAN MUCIOT - Chardonnay vineyards - Eastern exposure 380 masl
PIAN SURAN - Moscato vineyards - Eastern exposure 480 masl
EL RIVE - Moscato vineyards - Southern exposure 360 masl
EL BRIC - Moscato vineyards - Eastern exposure 380 masl
LA FEJA - Moscato and Chardonnay vineyards - East exposure 530 masl
EL FUNDEIN - Moscato vineyards - South Western exposure 400 masl
AL CABANON - Chardonnay vineyards - Western exposure 570 masl
LA SREJA - Pinot Noir vineyards - Eastern exposure 390 masl


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