Loazzolo and the Langa Astigiana

Loazzolo is a small village with about 380 inhabitants which sits 430 metres above sea level, on a hill behind Canelli. It is a part of the Langa Astigiana, amongst the provinces of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo.

It a charming and unique place...and an amazing journey into stillness.

Here, vineyards cling resolutely to the steep hillsides that are dotted with castles and towers overlooking the rivers. A vista where time seems to have paused for a moment.

We are on the border with the Ligurian Apennine mountains and on clear days you can see the sea from the highest viewing points such as the Roccaverano tower.

These are places with very evocative charm, places perhaps known only by the locals, and for this reason even more charming. The panorama displays an astonishingly hued variation, colours which change with the seasons and also the altitude. The terrain ranges from characteristic hilly areas 120 metres above sea level to mountainous ones, where the woods dominate high up at 845 metres above sea level.

In Spring time a gentle wind called the Marin blows in from the sea and crosses Loazzolo promoting the maturation and the perfume of the grapes.

There are sixteen small villages in this wonderful unspoilt region. The unique climate and morphological conditions encourage an abundance of very special and characteristic flora. There is a vast range of herbaceous plants typical of Mediterranean environment, like broom, juniper and privet. In the woods live roe deer, wild boar, badger, fox, hare, squirrel, dormouse, hedgehog, and stone marten. Among amphibians and reptiles you will find salamanders, green lizards and a small snake called “biacco”.

Last but not least, there is a fantastic range of bird life including red partridge, partridge, chaffinch, blue tit, red woodpecker and red-breasted nuthatch. Birds of prey such as harrier, little owl, long eared owl, buzzard and hoopoe also frequent the skies.

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